Bill of Rights for Women Facing Unintended Pregnancies

Bill of Rights for Women Facing Unintended Pregnancies

Bill of Rights for Women Facing Unintended Pregnancies

You deserve the utmost respect. That’s why we created our Bill of Rights for Women Facing Unintended Pregnancies. Continue reading to discover what we value.

We believe you have the right to:

1. Receive services in a non-judgmental, caring environment committed to maintaining confidentiality of patient records except where required by law.

2. Receive professional services from organizations committed to integrity, free from manipulation or coercion.

3. Receive services in a confidential environment that supports her right to make her own decisions regarding her pregnancy.

4. Be respected enough to make a decision that is right for her by receiving a non-biased presentation of all her pregnancy-related options.

5. Receive comprehensive information about her current medical status, including information about the nature and physiology of her current pregnancy.

6. Access objective information about all of her legal options related to pregnancy and pregnancy termination.

7. Receive services from an organization that has written documentation of all services and information provided, to ensure that every patient receives the same objective in formation delivered with the same standard of excellence.

8. Receive services from an organization that uses written verification process that services have been provided according to written protocol on a per-patient basis.

9. Fully understand how an organization stands to financially profit from any particular pregnancy decision a woman may choose to make at that organization.

10. Receive standardized medical services by organizations held accountable to follow protocols designed to ensure that all services and information are delivered ethically and objectively.

11. Assurance of high quality medical follow up care provided by or arranged by the physician responsible for the initial delivery of services.

12. Access to ongoing, long-term community support should she choose to carry the pregnancy to full-term.

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