Why Learn about Abortion Procedures Before an Abortion?

Why Learn about Abortion Procedures Before an Abortion?

Why Learn about Abortion Procedures Before an Abortion?

You just found out you are pregnant and you are sure you want an abortion.  You’re stressed and really busy and you might be wondering, “Why should I waste time learning about abortion procedures when I’m already sure I want an abortion?”  Here’s a few reasons why an meeting with one of our Clinic Advocates to learn about abortion procedures and risks is worth your time:

Abortion has the potential for serious side effects.  

You owe it to yourself to learn all of the risks before making a decision.  This includes physical, metal and emotional risks. Because we have served Pueblo women facing abortion decisions for over 3o years, the staff at ACPC are uniquely equipped to understand these tough issues.

Abortion ends the life of a pre-born baby whose heart is already beating (the heart begins to beat at 3 weeks post conception).  

For some women, that may not be a concern, but others may view that as vitally important information that they have the right to know.

Once completed, an abortion cannot be reversed.  

Women should gather information before making an abortion decision because the decision is permanent.  If a woman discovers new information later that causes her to wish she had not chosen abortion, it’s too late.  We hope to help all of our patients make a confident, well-informed decision.

For most people, regardless of the political label they may wear, abortion is a very troubling concept.  An abortion decision is most often viewed as a very serious matter that should be given an incredibly careful thought process, seeking all the information, support, and options that could be available.

The Advocates and Medical Staff at ACPC Women’s Clinic do not view this process flippantly.  At ACPC Women’s Clinic, no one will judge you or seek to coerce you in your decision.  Rather, we are honored to walk with you, providing accurate information and a safe place for you to process your thoughts and emotions.

ACPC Women’s Clinic does not profit financially from your pregnancy decision.  Relying on an abortion clinic to provide all of the information is risky.  In this case you are relying on someone who will lose money if you choose to carry your baby to term.  Please note that an organization that is financially vested in your pregnancy decision may not be the best place to get information.

Get the facts about abortion procedures (including a second trimester D&E (Dilation and Extraction) Abortion, Aspiration, Abortion Pills and Induction) from a physician who formerly performed abortions at http://www.abortionprocedures.com