Is There an Abortion Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado?

Is There an Abortion Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado?

Is There an Abortion Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado?

Many times when a woman is faced with a possible pregnancy, the options seem few.  That can lead to panic and worry about what to do.  Sometimes abortion seems to be the quickest solution.  But is there an abortion clinic here in Pueblo?  The short answer is no.

While Pueblo does not have an abortion clinic, there are local, professional resources here designed specifically to help women with a possible pregnancy.  ACPC Women’s Clinic offers services such as pregnancy test, ultrasound, community referrals and information on your pregnancy options.  The clinic has helped over 10,000 women since its launch in 2006 and is open Monday – Thursday for appointments.  We never charge for our services.

You are not alone.  We are here to equip you to make your own pregnancy choice.

What happened to the Planned Parenthood in Pueblo?

There used to be a Planned Parenthood clinic in Pueblo, but according to local news sources, the doors were closed in 2015 stating “the shopping center where the clinic is located was recently sold, and that the new owner decided not to renew Planned Parenthood’s lease.”  According to KRDO, Planned Parenthood was unable to find another location to rent in the Pueblo area.

How can ACPC Women’s Clinic help me?

ACPC Women’s Clinic opened its doors in 2006.  Our goal is to help young women and men throughout Southern Colorado who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We offer free pregnancy testing, limited STI testing and treatment, limited ultrasound and information on pregnancy options.   If the services you need are outside our scope, we will refer you to one of our many qualified community partners.

ACPC is located near the Mesa Junction, at 500 Colorado Ave. in Pueblo, just South of Pueblo Community Health Center.  Our clinic operates under the medical oversight of Dr. Elizabeth Ehama, DO, MBA, FACOG a local OBGYN physician at Pueblo Women’s Center.

Most people know that our center helps people in the early stages of pregnancy by providing tests and ultrasounds. But many people are surprised to learn that we offer services from the initial pregnancy test, throughout the pregnancy and even after delivery.  We also provide special services and support just for the guys as well.  ACPC offers a wide range of classes on topics such as nutrition, relationships, money management, etc.  ACPC does not perform or refer for abortion.

In everything we do, ACPC strives to offer professional and confidential services at no cost to clients.  When you walk through the doors of ACPC Women’s Clinic, you’ll find a welcoming team of caring individuals who are here to help you without judgment or guilt.  Our main concern is helping you with the challenges you face today and the ones that lay ahead.  At ACPC you have access to high-quality facilities, equipment and services, but our greatest asset is our caring and knowledgeable staff.

You can call us 24-hours a day at 719.544.9312 or 1.800.712.HELP.