Parents of Pregnant Teens #5 – Resources I Can Guide My Daughter To

Parents of Pregnant Teens #5 – Resources I Can Guide My Daughter To

Parents of Pregnant Teens #5 – Resources I Can Guide My Daughter To

Below are other resources that she may need to support her pregnancy, her choices for her pregnancy, and parenting resources if she decides to parent.

Medical Insurance:

  • Medicaid for pregnancy – contact your state chapter by clicking here to see if your daughter qualifies.
  • – if she is not on your insurance, does not qualify for Medicaid, and is 18+ years, she can find subsidized insurance here – call 1-800-318-2596 or apply online here.
  • Locally, the best place to contact for questions regarding Medicaid eligibility is Pueblo Step Up. Pueblo Step Up will expedite the Medicaid application process and help your daughter get back-dated coverage if she qualifies.

Adoption resources:

  • National Council for Adoption – general information on adoption, more on infant adoption specifically, and an adoption agency search.
  • American Adoptions – information on choosing adoption for the baby or you can call 1-800-236-7846 for more information (open 24/7).
  • ACPC also has several staff who are trained as Certified Adoption Specialist, so we can provide referrals to our trusted adoption affiliates so that you know your daughter is working with a safe adoption organization. Learn more about how we can help connect your daughter with adoption resources here.

Food assistance:

  • Food Stamps – this is a federal program to help low-income families keep healthy food on the table. Find out more and see if your daughter qualifies here.
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) – this is a federal program for pregnant women and children up to age 5 to help provide access to healthier food choices to support good nutrition during pregnancy and in early childhood. Find out more and see if your daughter qualifies here.
  • Food Banks – search for your local food bank here.

Childcare assistance:

Housing assistance:

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) – housing counseling, help to find rent assistance or Section 8 housing, and more. Call 1-800-225-5342 or visit their website.
  • Maternity Homes – use a Google search for “maternity homes near me” or “[my city, state] maternity home” to find a local, caring place for your daughter to move through her pregnancy in case the home environment is not safe or for personal reasons. If you cannot find one or want help locating one, give our toll-free & confidential helpline a call at 1-800-672-2296.

Schools for pregnant teens:

  • Your daughter’s current school should have information about whether or not continuing school there is possible during pregnancy, or if there is a school nearby specifically for pregnant teens.
  • Many larger cities now have “pregnancy schools,” so do an online search to find one near you.

GED Programs:

  • Many community colleges or city programs offer free or low-cost GED programs. Call your local schools and organizations to find out locations.
  • There are many free online GED programs and review classes that your teen could take advantage of. Do a Google search or talk to your local high school to find a trusted and accredited program.

Parenting classes/material assistance/support groups:

  • What is a huge expense for parents? DIAPERS. Find diaper banks here. Local churches (and sometimes food banks) are able to provide some diapers for women in need.
  • Your daughter and the father of the baby can earn diapers on a weekly basis when they participate in ACPC Life Services.  Call or text 719.544.9312 to sign up.

Need to talk?  We can help mediate a conversation or just answer any questions you have.

Call or text us at 719.544.9312

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