ACPC Purchases New Building | Expands Location and Services

ACPC Purchases New Building | Expands Location and Services

ACPC Purchases New Building | Expands Location and Services

ACPC to Expand Location and Services

Last year, ACPC cast a vision to expand our services to effectively allow us to serve twice the number of clients each year.  Our data shows us that there are 1800 abortions performed on women in our service area each year.  We know we are called to provide support to these women and their families. We announced our dream and our supporters began praying over that vision.

We began our search over a year ago. With the help of our Realtor, Harland Cason, we visited numerous properties all across Pueblo for the right fit. We looked at everything from empty warehouses to high tech medical facilities.  Just when we began to feel like maybe it wouldn’t happen for us, God opened a door that we never considered possible.  Our great friend and former neighbor Dr Matt Philson approached us with an offer we knew was from God.  As so often happens when we stop pushing and let God do the work, the pieces began falling into place.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that ACPC purchased the property on 510 Colorado Ave this week!! 

Our Development Director Frank Titoni has been hard at work gathering bids and setting up proposals for the work to be done.  We will begin the process of updating and preparing the site to house our clinic services on Monday May 18th, 2020.

Our new clinic will have two exam rooms, mentoring space, a fantastic reception area and lobby, a lab, and space to build a garage for our Mobile unit #ANNtheVan.  This change will also allow us to bring our “Boutique” to the main floor at 500 Colorado Ave so that our clients can experience the joy of spending their hard earned “Baby Bucks” in a space built for them.  We will keep our administrative offices and classes in our current location as well.

We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to begin operating in our new “campus” which happens to be right next door to our main building!  Here’s where you come in.

In addition to your prayers for favor with our contractors, city permitting and zoning, we also need your help telling our story with others in Pueblo.  We need our community to know we are here and ready to serve them.  Please consider sharing your love for ACPC with your network, church, place of employment, etc.  The Internet is our # 1 referral source with “Word of Mouth” referrals as our second.  By sharing your recommendation on your social media pages, you’ll help us with both. We suggest creating a short video and sharing it for even greater engagement.  We’d be so grateful for your support.

Thank you for all you’ve done for us.
Please join us in Praising God and celebrating this Win in a time when there’s been so much loss.

May God bless and keep you.

Tamra Axworthy,
Executive Director

New ACPC Women's Clinic New ACPC Women's Clinic