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Must Have App – When You Think You Might be Pregnant

Must Have App – When You Think You Might be Pregnant

If you think you might be pregnant, there is one app that you need to download right now –

The Pregnancy Tracker by

Here’s  3 reasons why we think this app is helpful, even if you are not sure if you are pregnant:

1) Women are happier when they understand what is going on with their body.

As women, our bodies are on a continual roller-coaster ride as hormones shift constantly throughout the month. Sudden hormone changes can intensify emotions and energy levels, but our hormones don’t have to control us.  A good understanding of your menstrual cycle will help you learn to thrive every day of the month.  The Pregnancy Tracker app has articles and factual, scientific information about your menstrual cycle that can answer some basic questions before your appointment. read more

Best Apps for Pregnant Women

Best Apps for Pregnant Women

If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, you might be wondering what exactly (scientifically speaking) is taking place in your body.

You might be feeling exactly as you did before the test results or you might be experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy.

There’s a good chance a ton of questions are going though your head and that’s totally normal.

Of course, your advocate at ACPC is always here to talk (you can email her here now), but if you just can’t wait, here are a few apps that will give you all the scientific details about your pregnancy: read more