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Life with a Pregnant Girlfriend

Life with a Pregnant Girlfriend

Whether you choose adoption or parenting, these 9 months are going to bring a lot of changes. Your relationship may be tested, but remember that it is a complex and beautiful process going on inside your girlfriend’s belly!

This might mean passing on a blessing to another family or bringing home a little bundle of joy. Hang on to that end goal, and don’t forget that your girlfriend is giving a lot of her body to make this happen.

Have fun with each other – take her on dates, make sure that bump on her belly hasn’t changed how you feel about her (unless it has for the better!). A lot of your world right now might revolve around the pregnancy and preparation, but don’t forget that your girlfriend is still there and needs love and support, too. read more

Talking to Her Parents (and yours) After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Talking to Her Parents (and yours) After a Positive Pregnancy Test

We’re not going to lie to you, breaking the news that your girlfriend is pregnant is not going to be easy, especially if you’re still living with your parents and/or are financially dependent on them. Come up with some type of plan before you tell them.

Have you both reached a decision on the pregnancy? There are more questions to ask yourself and plans to set in place after you choose which way you will go.


Here are some of the many questions to consider:

  • Where will you live? Will you live together?
  • What will your relationship look like:  do you plan to get married? end the romantic relationship but both parent?
  • How will you pay bills?
  • What insurance will she be on for the pregnancy?
  • Will you both have jobs/how will you provide?
  • What would childcare look like?
  • Would you both finish/continue your education?


Here are some questions to ask yourselves: read more

My Girlfriend is Pregnant

My Girlfriend is Pregnant

Finding out that your girlfriend is pregnant when it was not planned can be shocking, to say the least. She’s young, you’re young, and neither of you planned on having a baby this early in life. Perhaps you haven’t even been dating for that long. But now, there’s a lot more to consider.

As the news sinks in, there are three main things you will want to consider: what decision you and she will make for the pregnancy & developing baby (parenting, adoption, abortion), your relationship with your girlfriend and your future. read more

7 Myths About Condom Effectiveness

With Valentine’s Day approaching and many organizations, businesses, and commercials talking about Love, we wanted to clear a up a few myths.  We feel it is important to get all the information possible before making a decision about becoming sexually active or engaging sexually with a new or untested partner. So how do you protect yourself and what information should you consider?

There are lots of options out there for contraception with the most readily available being condoms.  You may have been given information about condoms or even been provided with condoms for free at school or at your doctor’s office. read more

What Can Guys Do?

What Can Guys Do?

Are you a guy facing an unplanned pregnancy?

Once she’s missed a period, everything can change fast.  What happens next may be her decision, but most women really care what their partner is thinking.

She’s Pregnant

Here are a few steps to making the best choice for both of you – together.

Learn about your options.  She’s carrying the baby, but suddenly you are both parents.  What does that mean?

Listen to her thoughts and feelings.  What excites her?  What does she fear?

Share your thoughts and feelings.

Consider talking with others who are close to you too. read more