abortion procedures

Abortion Info

Abortion Info

Abortion Procedures

Dilation & Curettage (D&C)

Occasionally used through the 12th week. After dilation of the cervix, a curette is inserted into the uterus. The baby’s body is cut into pieces and extracted, often by suction. The uterine wall is then scraped to remove the placenta and confirm that the uterus is empty.

Dilation & Evacuation (D&E)

Performed up to 18 weeks. Forceps are inserted into the uterus, grabbing and twisting the baby’s body to dismember it. If the head is too large it must be crushed in order to remove it.

Dilation & Extraction (D&X or Partial Birth Abortion)

Performed in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. The cervix is dilated. Forceps extract the live baby by the feet until the head is just inside the cervix. Scissors then puncture the skull, allowing the abortionist to collapse it by suctioning out the contents. The dead baby is then fully removed from the mother. This method is banned in the United States. read more

Types of Abortion

Types of Abortion

There are medical and surgical abortion procedures.  The types of abortion that may be available depend on factors such as how far along a woman is in her pregnancy and what kinds of procedures the abortion provider offers.

It may seem like abortion is the solution to moving on with your life or getting back on track.  No matter what you choose, to have a baby or to abort, your life is forever changed.  This pregnancy will always be part of your story.


Medical Abortion

Medical abortions use drugs, instead of surgical instruments, to end a pregnancy. read more

Why Learn about Abortion Procedures Before an Abortion?

Why Learn about Abortion Procedures Before an Abortion?

You just found out you are pregnant and you are sure you want an abortion.  You’re stressed and really busy and you might be wondering, “Why should I waste time learning about abortion procedures when I’m already sure I want an abortion?”  Here’s a few reasons why an meeting with one of our Clinic Advocates to learn about abortion procedures and risks is worth your time:

Abortion has the potential for serious side effects.  

You owe it to yourself to learn all of the risks before making a decision.  This includes physical, metal and emotional risks. Because we have served Pueblo women facing abortion decisions for over 3o years, the staff at ACPC are uniquely equipped to understand these tough issues. read more